Rousey surprises fans with an off-air suplex

The former UFC champion is being forced to make strides with each appearance, including having her fully sell her leg-hook side suplex in front of a real crowd as on-the-job training.

Kahron Spearman shared a video of new superstar Ronda Rousey climbing into the ring and subsequently being interrupted by Dana Brooke. The diva called Rousey a newb that needed to start "at the back of the line," according to Pro Wrestling Sheet.

Brooke then said she wanted Stephanie McMahon to make Rousey her 'property' at the upcoming WrestleMania before she demanded the former UFC champion leave the ring.

Rousey, of course, wasn't appreciative of her derogatory words and suplexed Brooke as a response.

What's notable is that the altercation wasn't shown on Monday's live Raw telecast, and released after, probably to better control and gauge response to Rousey.

People need to stop being offended at the confidence of a woman.

Ronda Rousey
WWE Superstar

Given the fact that the fast-tracked Rousey is, in effect, learning years of work in truncated stretches, it should be of no surprise that the entire altercation wasn't entirely natural.

The whole chop block with the subsequent turns to the crowd by both women, made the ordeal corny. The suplex itself - which is likely a future set-up move - wasn't (yet) impactful enough to warrant the sell Brooke provided.

But those things can be fixed with experience and ring time, and there's no question that Rousey improves with each appearance.

Holy Moly Dallas was fun last night!! ???? #dontmesswithtexas

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