UFC's Paige VanZant alleges she was sexually assaulted at 14 and contemplated suicide

UFC flyweight star Paige VanZant opened up in a new interview and revealed that she was sexually assaulted at a party.

Brittany King

Paige VanZant has revealed just how hard it was to endure her high school days as a teen. 


The UFC fighter spoke ABC News in an interview that aired on Good Morning America on Tuesday, and discussed her tumultuous high school days and revealed that she was sexually assaulted at a party as a 14-year-old and has had suicidal thoughts after.

While promoting her new memoir, "RISE: Surviving the Fight of My Life," VanZant told the outlet that she had a rough childhood and was constantly bullied in high school which led to her eating lunch alone in the bathroom.


"I didn't have anywhere to run to. I didn't have anybody to turn to," the Oregon native explained. "[It was] bad enough that I had to run into the bathroom, and I'd eat my lunch on the toilet ... because I just felt too scared to eat lunch in the cafeteria."

I really hope that if I can change one life, then me telling my story is worth it.

Then came one of the worst periods of VanZant's life the time she was sexually assaulted by someone she thought cared about her.  


"I felt like I was a smart girl," the 24-year-old began. "My parents raised me well. They raised me to know better and to have some intuition. It all went out the window just because I was so lonely. I was in so much pain, I just ... all I could think about was, 'Wow, I have somebody who wants to be my friend.'" 


"When I walked in the door of their house, I was like, 'This probably isn't such a good idea,' " the former Dancing With the Stars runner-up said. "I didn't see any other way out. When you're in that position, when you're feeling that much pain, it's not that you want to die. You just don't want to be in pain anymore."