Former UFC champ Dominick Cruz says he can beat Floyd Mayweather with 1 arm in the Octagon

The two-time UFC bantamweight champion had jokes, but also some sage advice for Mayweather including a clue into why Tyron Woodley is the ideal trainer.

Kahron Spearman

Everyone has had some form of opinion on Floyd Mayweather's prospect in the Octagon, as he prepares for his MMA debut. He's said to be working with UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley. However, the reality of the now-retired boxer winning a bout with just six to eight months of training is laughable at best.

And UFC fighter Dominick Cruz said so, via a TMZ interview. He even confidently claimed he'd destroy him with with one arm. 

He's only got two tools. He doesnt have the other eight. He doesnt have grappling. He doesn't have kicks. He doesn't have knees. He doesn't have elbows.

Dominick Cruz
Two-time UFC bantamweight champion

The two-time UFC bantamweight champion did have some thoughts on Mayweather's preparation, suggesting he focus on one particular facet. 

"I'll give him a hint-focus on your takedown defense no matter who you're fighting, he said to TMZ. "Dont worry about nothing else, Floyd Mayweather, just takedown defense. And if you really break it down, he's already thinking that way. Why do you think he's training with Tyron Woodley?"