UFC champion Daniel Cormier accepts job as high school wrestling coach

Daniel Cormier, who lives in Gilroy with his wife and two children, already coaches youth wrestling in San Jose. He's long been on record stating he wouldn't fight beyond 2019.

Kahron Spearman

UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier already has a full plate as a fighter, leader of a fight team, and a Fox Sports 1 commentator, on top of family duties. But he's looking into his future after the octagon, as he's long stated he wouldn't fight beyond 2019.  


To that end, Cormier has taken another step in that direction and has accepted the head wrestling coach position at Gilroy High in Northern California, according to his Instagram announcement.


Helping the situation: Cormier lives in Gilroy with his wife and children.

Its one of the best high school programs in the entire country. Coach Varela has done such a fantastic job of building a foundation of a great team that when the opportunity presented itself, I just wanted to do something in the town.

Daniel Cormier
UFC light heavyweight champion

Aside from using his name and visibility to help Gilroy's program, he sees an instant family connection in accepting the position.


"The job came available in my town and it's a really good school and program -- but most of all, it helps my son," Cormier said to ESPN. "My boy is seven and he has a lot of good partners at [American Kickboxing Academy] but when you add that team too, it gives him a ton of guys to wrestle with. I believe it will help him on his journey."