Nikki Bella: Everything you need to know about her workout

Nikki Bella is known for being fearless, but she's also known for her body — here's what she does to stay in fighting shape.

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Nikki Bella has to be confident when she's in the ring. So she sticks to a pretty strict diet and puts in a lot of work to maintain her body.


Its easy to think Nikki does a lot of heavy lifting, but she actually prefers more repetition and light lifting when it comes to her upper body.


She told Us Weekly, "More repetition, less weight. But I miss squatting heavy. I feel like my legs were able to get toned and my butt stayed bigger."

I like to do barre classes a few days a week and in between, I go to the gym. Im the elliptical queen. After playing soccer and wrestling, it keeps it easy on the knees.

Nikki Bella
Us Weekly

As for workouts, Bella loves her Barre classes. She told Shape magazine, "For those 55 minutes of Pure Barre, I can turn all my focus to my health and working my body."


Her sister Brie originally got her into the class, and she thought it would be easy, but its how she got her core strength. Nikki also loves the elliptical because its easy on the knees.

For her diet, she stays away from red meat and eats carbs in the morning. Nikki is a pre-planner. Shell leave off the avocado on her salad if she knows shes having a treat like wine or chocolate later.


The WWE star is also a huge advocate for counting calories and using apps to keep track of what youre eating. She told Us Weekly, "Ill wake up and even put in my wine for the night so that I know I can only consume so much."

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