MMA prospect scores seven-second faceplant knockout

Though Russian featherweight fighter Mark Volkov was expected to lose via submission, the 22-year-old came out and quickly downed Akmaldzhon Mamurov.

Kahron Spearman

22-year-old featherweight Mark Volkov sensationally knocked out Akmaldzhon Mamurov at Lada Arena in Tolyatti, Russia, in only seven seconds. 

Mamurov suffered the humiliating defeat with the worst outcome: the faceplant. 

It was just his second professional fight. Per Bleacher Report MMA writer Nathan McCarter, Volkov is "part of the next wave of MMA," suggesting the young knock artist will be one to watch for and should be a part of any 'top prospects' list going forward. 

The 22-year-old featherweight is establishing himself as a KO artist after only two fights. The youngster should be hitting all of the prospect watch lists after the blistering KO that left Mamurov flat on his face.

Volkov came out aggressively, within the faintest sound of the opening bell, crouching and ready to immediately explode into Mamurov. Quickly closing the distance, the Russian landed two devastating blows to put the more experienced Tajikstani fighter to the mat.

According to MMA site, Mamurov was predicted to win with a 70% margin, and likely via submission.