Meet the MMA fighter who has 1 hand and deserves a shot at the UFC

Lightweight fighter Nick Newell believes he's ready for the UFC, and is already angling for a shot at Floyd Mayweather in the boxer's debut.

Kahron Spearman

Nick Newell isn't looking for anyone's sympathy, or playing games - he's looking for a UFC contract, according to Men's Health.

The lightweight fighter, born with a congenital amputation of his left arm, recently won the 14th fight in his nine-year career at Legacy Fighting Alliance 35 - defeating Sonny Luque with a vicious neck crank.

Now, the fighter wants a significant step up, demanding president Dana White give him a shot in the UFC.

I'm coming for it all. I'm ready to tear apart the UFC lightweight division. The ball is in your court, [UFC matchmaker Sean Shelby].

Nick Newell
MMA lightweight fighter

One man - Simon Head of - even has an ideal opponent for Newell lined up: boxer Floyd Mayweather.

The way Head figures Money Mayweather will be a "one-trick pony" whenever he makes his MMA debut, due to the fact he has only one viable talent in his elite boxing skill.

Newell and his new manager Ali Abdelaziz, have already co-signed on Head's grand, though highly improbable idea, recently tweeting out at Mayweather to see if he'll bite.