Conor McGregor says "come and get me," speeds away from court

With reports of a million dollar bounty on the UFC champion's head, he appears largely unbothered by the peril some says he's found himself.

Kahron Spearman

On the heels of unsubstantiated reports of a million dollar bounty for his participation in an alleged brawl with an Irish mobster, UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor was seen walking confidently out of court on Thursday.

TMZ Sports and RTE both report that he made an appearance after being tagged for a speeding ticket in Dublin. He was given a 400 euro fine.

After a self-assured stroll toward his car McGregor said, "come and get me," as he sped away in his $150,000 BMW i8.

Come and get me!

The fighter was asked if he feared for his life as he was getting into the car, referencing the brawl where a Kinahan cartel member was allegedly punched by McGregor.

In an op-ed out today, writer Paul Williams believes the champion should take heed.

"Nobody should underestimate or play down the serious and perilous situation that Conor McGregor now finds himself in.

Through no fault of his own it appears he has inadvertently locked horns with members of the Kinahan cartel, which includes people who are well accustomed to killing “ one of whom has notched up at least three murders in his malevolent career.

The public need to remember that these people are psychotic thugs for whom there are no boundaries or behavioral parameters: if you cross them they will either kill you, seriously injure you or simply leave you and your loved ones living in fear of your lives."