GGG vs. Canelo Alvarez rematch set for Sept, says Oscar de la Hoya

While nothing official has been announced by either party, Oscar de la Hoya is confirming what had already become a popular thought regarding the Canelo-GGG redux.

Kahron Spearman

Oscar De La Hoya is confirming that the rematch between his fighter Canelo Alvarez and Gennedy Golovkin will take place in September.


TMZ Sports caught up with the Golden Boy promoter in New York City where he was asked about his currently suspended fighter. The Mexican fighter maintains that his pop for clenbuterol was the result of tainted Mexican meat.


"Canelo is getting really the short end of the stick here because obviously he's a popular fighter and a lot of people are gonna hate on him," said de la Hoya.

Once they fight in September, I'll tell you one thing -- Canelo's gonna freaking wail on him.

Oscar de la Hoya
Boxing promoter, Golden Boy

These are interesting statements by de la Hoya, given Alvarez was popped twice for the same substance, and with the widely-known knowledge that Mexico routinely uses clenbuterol in their meat processing.


It suggests that even if he wasn't a PED user, that Alvarez and his team aren't, at minimum, the sharpest tools in the shed given so much was on the line.


In the meantime, Golovkin will face Vanes Martirosyan for the unified middleweight title on May 5.