Chance the Rapper.

How Lil Chano from the 79th took the hip hop world by storm, all by himself.

  • 2008


    As a freshman, Chance started a hip-hop duo, Instrumentality. His teachers used to mock his goals.

  • 2011

    the start

    At a 10-day school suspension for marijuana, Chance started his first full-length project, 10 Day.

  • APR 3. 2012

    10 Day

    The mixtape’s double-platinum release made Complex magazine’s, “10 New Chicago Rappers to Watch Out For” list.

    600,000+ streams
  • 2012


    Shortly after, Chance featured on Childish Gambino’s Royalty, then joined him on tour.

  • APR 30. 2013

    Acid Rap

    Chance calls it his second mixtape – but really, Acid Rap was his breakout album.

    • Rolling Stone
      #26 Best Albums of 2013
      #1 Best Mixtapes of 2013

    • Pitchfork
      #12 Best Albums of 2013

    • SPIN
      #12 Best Mixtapes of 2013

    • BET Hip Hop Awards
      Nominated: Best Mixtape of 2013

    2,000,000+ streams
  • May 28. 2015

    Social Experiment

    Surf, an album by the motley band, The Social Experiment, was surprise-released as an iTunes Exclusive free download.

    • Pitchfork
      #21 Best Albums of 2015

    • Stereogum
      #16 Best Albums of 2015

    10,000,000+ song downloads (in the first week)
  • 2016


    Chance teamed up with West for several tracks on The Life of Pablo.

    Around the same time, he moved out to a “big-ass rapper mansion,” in Hollywood, “xanned out every day.”

    Chicago, IL Hollywood, CA
  • May 12. 2016

    Coloring Book

    After a kind of spooky prayer from Grandma, Chance ended up back in Chi-town – with a new gf & kid!

    Hollywood, CA Chicago, IL

    Coloring Book debuted at #8 on Billboard, catapulting Chance into history. It’s the first ever to chart solely on streams.

    • Pitchfork
      #6 Best Albums of 2016

    • Stereogum
      #3 Best Albums of 2016

    • Rolling Stone
      #3 Best Albums of 2016

    • Complex
      #2 Best Albums of 2016

    • Esquire
      #2 Best Albums of 2016

    57,300,000+ streams (in the first week)

Chance The Rapper is so good, [he] could’ve been a factor that drove The Recording Academy to change its “no label, no Grammy” rule.


Seen the video for Same Drugs? It features a human-sized puppet.