YouTube star Logan Paul slammed for controversial video in Japan's 'Suicide Forest'

YouTube star Logan Paul publicly apologized for posting a video that showed a dead body hanging from a tree in a Japanese forest known as a destination for suicide victims.

Brittany King

Logan Paul, a 22-year-old YouTube personality whose channel has more than 15 million subscribers, has come under fire after sharing a video featuring footage of dead body hanging from a tree within Japan's "Suicide Forest" known as Aokigahara forest at the base of Mount Fuji.

In the disturbing video, Paul begins by warning his audience (which consists heavily of a younger demographic) that the following footage will be graphic. "This definitely marks a moment in YouTube history," he says. "Because Im pretty sure that this has never hopefully happened to anyone on YouTube ever."


Paul went on to add, "Now with that said, buckle up." In the next scene, they come across the lifeless body of a man. Though the victims face is blurred; the rest is left disturbingly visible. He then shouts towards the body, "Yo, are you alive?"

"I didn't do it for views. I get views. I did it because I thought I could make a positive ripple on the Internet, not cause a monsoon of negativity. That's never the intention."

The video was watched millions of times before Paul removed it. The backlash over the video came quickly and far and wide. Award-winning actor, Aaron Paul, took to Twitter to slam the Internet personality. 


"Dear @LoganPaul, How dare you! You disgust me. I can't believe that so many young people look up to you. So sad. Hopefully this latest video woke them up. You are pure trash. Plain and simple. Suicide is not a joke. Go rot in hell."