Tiffany Haddish says Beyoncé intervened when an actress touched Jay-Z's chest

Tiffany Haddish describes the Jay-Z after party where she met Beyoncé, another actress put her hands on Jay-Z and she was not having it.

Emily Treadgold

Tiffany Haddish talked about the time she met Beyonce and the drama that followed. She explains that she was at a Jay-Z concert and was invited to the after party. After she met Beyonce (and freaked out about it), she was talking to Jay-Z, and another actress was talking to him as well. 

[The actress] touched JAY-Zs chest and Beyonc came walking up likeBiitttchhh! But, she didnt say that. But her demeanor, her body from the way she walked up on them said, Get your hands off my mans chest.'

Staff Writer, Consequence of Sound

She said the actress put her hand on Jay-Z's chest and Beyonce walked up on her. Haddish says her demeanor and her body-language was defensive, basically saying "get your hands off my man's chest" then Beyonce was talking to the actress on the side. Haddish says, "Some other stuff happened, but I'm not gonna say nothin' yet." She didn't reveal who the actress was.