The Juice is Loose: O.J. walks free.

Today, O.J. Simpson walked out of prison, released after serving 9 years in Nevada's Lovelock Correctional for armed robbery.

Mason Wright

Today, O.J. Simpson has been released from prion after serving 9 years in Nevada's Lovelock Correctional for armed robbery. OJ was originally sentenced to prison back in 2008 after being arrested in Las Vegas following a botched robbery attempt to recover allegedly stolen personal items.

The former NFL star has been released after serving only 9 years of a 35-year sentence, on good behavior. This comes as a shock to the vast majority of America who still associates OJ with arguably one of highest profile court cases in U.S history which saw him acquitted for the murders of both Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.

"I'm here to say I've known O.J. for a long time; I don't feel that he's a threat to anyone out there. He's a good man, I know that he does a lot for other people, and I feel that 9 1/2 to 33 years was way too long."

OJ's story began to resurfaced early last year when FX released 'The People v. OJ Simpson', a mini-series retelling the seemingly unreal events leading up to and during his murder trial. Since then the polarizing controversy has been on the minds of the American people and we will see how OJ will be received back into society.


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