Sofia Richie broke up with Scott Disick & moved out after he cheated: report

Sofia Richie and Scott Disick broke up due to his cheating, but it's possible they'll get back together.

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Sofia Richie is out of Scott Disick's house. The 19-year-old model has left the reality star to stay with her father, music legend, Lionel Richie. 


A source told People, "Sofia has moved out of Scott's house. She has been living at Lionel's house for the past couple of days. She is looking for her own place."


An insider said Sofia is doing well, telling the outlet, "She seems to be doing okay. She is surrounding herself with girlfriends and keeping busy."

Thank you for being you. Love you

Sofia Richie

At Kanye West's party in Wyoming on Thursday (May 31), Disick was seen getting handsy with a new blonde. He was also telling people at the party that he was single. It's rumored that Sofia broke up with the father of three after he cheated on her. 


It's also being reported the the two might make up and get back together with a source telling People, "They've broken up multiple times since they started dating and always ended up back together. No one would be surprised if they're out again together in a few days or weeks."

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