Rihanna stalker broke into her home, told police he was there 'for sex'

A man broke into Rihanna's home to try to have sex with her, luckily she wasn't home, according to multiple reports.

Emily Treadgold

A man broke into Rihann's home while she was away. The intruder even stayed the night until cops were alerted by an alarm, according to TMZ.


The notification was sent after the alarm was tampered with. The man was asked to exit the premise and cops hit him with a taser.

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The outlet reports that the intruder has been identified as Eduardo Leon, a 26-year-old fan who planned to have sex with Rihanna, but he maintains that he didn't have intentions of harm.


When he found out she wasn't home, he decided to spend the day in her mansion; he even charged his phone and unpacked his bag.


The same man reportedly broke into another home thinking it was Rihanna's. Police have charged him with stalking on top of burglary and trespassing. He is currently being held on bail for $150,000.


Rihanna has a history of stalkers and break-ins. This is just another case in a slew of celebrity stalking incidents that have been happening recently. 

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