Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star says she didn't attack housekeeper

Former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Carlton Gebbia denies the accusations the she attacked her former housekeeper.

Emily Treadgold

Real Housewives Albumni Carlton Gebbia is being sued by a former housekeeper. She said she had a good relationship with the housekeeper until she noticed some jewelry was missing and asked her to take a lie detector test and she agreed. However, she never took it and stopped showing up for work.

Carlton denies the allegation she attacked the housekeeper in a drunken rage, but does admit busting up a TV with a baseball bat ... she says it was a fun thing she did with her kids as a joke.


The woman returned to ask for herjob back but Gebbia and her family decided to let her go. Now, the woman is suing Gebbia for assault saying she attacked her while she was drunk. Gebbia is denying the allegations and saying she's making them up but admitted to busting up a TV with a baseball bat which was "a fun thing she did with her kids as a joke."


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