O.J. Simpson confessed brutal 1994 murders to book publisher: report

We might finally be getting some answers on whether or not OJ Simpson killed his Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman in a new confession.

Emily Treadgold

It seems like we might finally get some answers on the infamous O.J. Simpson trial. It looks like his lawyer made the confession to OJ's book publisher when he was calling about his book "If I Did It." He said OJ was ready to confess that he murdered his ex-wife and Ron Goldman. 

Simpson's lawyer allegedly called the publisher of his book, If I Did It, and said that he would be ready to confess to the murders on one condition: that the title of the book remained the same instead of the proposed "I Did It." The publisher, Judith Regan, shared the news herself, stating that O.J. wanted to keep 'If' in the name to cover in dealing with his kids.

There was an outtake of the upcoming "OJ Simpson: The Lost Confession?" which comes out on Fox on Sunday. The video of the confession won't be aired along with the rest of the episode. Apparently, the lawyer said that OJ would confess on the condition that the book title remained the same with that "if" still there.