Rape charges against Nelly are being dropped.

Rapper Nelly was arrested Saturday morning for second degree rape charges. Rape charges against Nelly are being dropped.

Emily Treadgold

In a surprising turn of events, attorney, Karen Koehler released in a statement that her client is bringing a halt to the sensational investigation of Nelly for sexual assault. Furthermore, she stated that her client will not testify in court. The woman stated that she "wishes she had not called 911 because she believes the system is going to fail her."

Commander Steve Stocker, spokesman for the Auburn policy gave some insight on the nature of the arrest. Popular hip hop artists, Nelly, known to some by his real name, Cornell Iral Haynes Jr., was booked Saturday morning after being arrested at about 4:37 a.m. in his tour bus, near a local Walmart.

Today she is telling the Auburn Police Department and the King County Prosecutors Office to put a halt to the criminal investigation of Cornell Haynes, Jr. (aka “Nelly). She will not testify further in a criminal proceeding against him. She never wanted notoriety. She never wanted a dime from that man. She wants to go back to school and to graduate. And this she cannot do if she remains hidden in her room, crying her heart out.

Scott Rosenblum, attorney for Nelly, was mostly dismissive of the rape claim a "completely fabricated allegation." The artist himself took to social media to express his own incredulity and denial via Twitter. Here's a direct quote from the attorney's statement: "Our initial investigation clearly establishes this allegation is devoid of credibility and is motivated by greed and vindictiveness."