Millie Bobby Brown leaves Twitter after becoming subject of homophobic meme

Millie Bobby Brown, a supporter of LGBT rights, quit Twitter after she became a homophobic meme.

Emily Treadgold

Millie Bobby Brown has left Twitter. Her verified account @milliebbrown doesnt exist anymore. The young actress somehow became a cruel meme; people were using her photo in a slew of anti-gay tweets.


Photos of the 14-year-old actress were photoshopped to make her seem homophobic and using the hashtag #TakeDownMillieBobbyBrown.


The tweets first started appearing in November and have resurfaced in June, pride month.

The people who made millie bobby brown deactivate should literally feel so ashamed. shes a child. you literally have no right to go and make memes that arent even funny about her. im fuming, some people are disgusting.

Twitter User

What seems more confusing is that the memes were started by the LGBT community. Some are claiming it's an inside joke in the community and that it was taken over by straight users.


Her fans are standing by her and are disgusted that anyone would troll a 14-year-old with hateful photos, especially when she is such an advocate for LGBT rights.


Brown is also campaigning against bullying. The actress has millions of followers on social media and was the youngest person to be featured on TIMEs most influential people in the world list.