Logan Paul returns to YouTube with 'comeback' video after suicide forest controversy

Logan Paul took a very short break from making videos and is back. He talks about how he's learning to be a good person.

Emily Treadgold

Logan Paul said he was taking a long break from vlogging after he faced backlash for his controversial video which showed a suicide victim. He then made a PSA about suicide prevention and issued a series of apologies. In his new video, a narration says, "The maverick Logan Paul showing his face for the first time after the disgraced YouTuber has been spotted across the country...hiding his face from paparazzi and seen swallowing his tears on social media like a little baby."

Im caught in this weird balance where like, I feel like people dont expect me to be funny anymore, he continues. “But one thing I did learn out of all of this, no matter how much hate or comments from random strangers Ive never even seen or heard of in my life Logan, youre trash, youre garbage, rot in hell, die, hang yourself its noise to me.

Logan Paul

Then Paul fights with the narrator, he says, "Yo, hold up...Disgrace? What you mean disgrace, boy? I took a break. Besides, Im still lit as f----. What other YouTuber can take a three-week break and still get a million subscribers?"