Logan Paul in hot water again after 'suicide forest' controversy: tasering dead rats in new video

After going dark for one month from social media following his controversial suicide video, Logan Paul is back to his old antics on YouTube.

Brittany King

Just when you thought Logan Paul's actions couldn't get any worse: he goes ahead and uploads a new video to his YouTube that features him tasing dead rodents on his property. 


His latest video, titled "THE PAULS RESPOND TO THE CSI FIGHT," features Paul ranting about dead koi fish in his backyard pond and trying to resuscitate one with CPR; he then moves on to two dead rats.

No rat comes into my house without getting tased!

"No rat comes into my house without getting Tased!" Paul exclaims with glee in the video. In the next scene, Paul fires the Taser at the rat's lifeless body. Twice. Two different rats. 


Paul's latest video didn't go down well with some people on social media who are clearly tired of the YouTuber's antics with one person tweeting,"I care more about dead rats than I do about logan paul."