Logan Paul's father defends controversial suicide video - says backlash is coming from haters

Logan Paul's dad goes on Instagram to defend his sons, he says he's proud of them, and they'll be back vlogging in no time.

Emily Treadgold

Not too long ago, Logan Paul released a controversial video that was filmed in Japan's Aokighara forest known as "Japan's Suicide Forest" due to the alarming number of suicide victims found each year. The video allegedly showed suicide victims' body, as Paul joked with accompanying friends. Logan Paul issued an apology and has been laying low due to public backlash, but now his father is saying Logan is going to be back to vlogging in no time.

Also, the amount of love that has been coming has been unbelievable. The amount of people showing support has been unbelievable, and I am now calling you guys super fans. The haters think theyre having an effect on us, but if the haters knew how much love was out there, and how much support was out there, theyd shut their freaking mouths. The haters will never, ever have an effect on the Paul family in the way they want to make it happen, because the love is too great.

Greg Paul

Greg Paul took to Instagram to defend his son and thanked the "super fans" that were still supporting him. He said, "We all fuck up at one time or another. That's life! What we do with those mistakes, bad judgment or whatever term you give it, is what matters. I love my boys and I am sooo proud of them."