Kylie Jenner hints about a boy.

Following news that Kylie Jenner allegedly pregnant with Travis Scott's baby, she slides a hint about the gender of her baby through SnapChat.

Emily Treadgold

Though there's been plenty of rumors about Kylie Jenner's pregnancy, the makeup mogul has not confirmed that the rumors are true.

Jenner took to SnapChat to show off her daily routine as usual. She posted a photo of three phone cases with her infamous Kylie Lip Kit logos on them two are pink and one is blue. Her caption read, “Which one? Im thinking blue

It's possible that Kylie was really preferring the blue case to the pink, but her fans are definitely reading into the very discreet SnapChat. Rumor says that she's due in February and the social media star has been forgoing her tight outfits for large sweatshirts, could be another hint.