OJ denies he's Khloe's father

Everyone's favorite Kardashian rumor is shot down by O.J. who congratulated Khloe Kardashian on her pregnancy but said he was not her father.

Emily Treadgold

One of the most popular Kardashian conspiracy theories is that O.J. Simpson is actually Khloe's father. Khloe was born in 1984 which would be five years after Simpson's NFL career came to an end. Robert Kardashian was a close friend of O.J.'s and played a large part in his trial.

Well, for Bob [Kardashian], God bless his soul, yeah. I don't know for me. I don't think for me I have nothing to do with it. ... I would be proud ... but trust me, I had nothing to do with it.

O.J. Simpson

Khloe is always asked the question in interviews and always makes jokes about it, but O.J. finally gave a response on the issue. He was out in Vegas when a photog for TMZ asked him about her pregnancy, he said Bob (Robert Kardashian) would be proud but he responded "I would be proud ... but trust me, I had nothing to do with it."


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