No more bling in Kimye's new mansion: all about Kim Kardashian's jewelry-free home

Kim and Kanye are making the drastic decision to keep their jewelry somewhere besides their house to avoid another robbery.

Emily Treadgold

Kim and Kanye have a new rule for their mansion, no jewelry. The celebrity couple doesn't want to be a target for future burglaries since they've been traumatized enough. Kim's expensive pieces of jewelry will be kept at a different location and will be under constant security.

Our sources say if and when Kim does decide to wear jewelry of her own again, it'll be replicas or fakes.. However, we're told if Kim decides to borrow real pieces for an event, it will NOT be allowed in the home ... a stylist will meet with her right before said event and take it back right after.


Even if there's no jewelry at the new place Kim will still have constant security. Kim will only be wearing replicas of her jewelry, and even for special events, she will have a stylist meet her before and after the event. She still feels uncomfortable wearing any expensive jewelry after the robbery.

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