Kim Kardashian reveals what she loves and hates about her famous family

Kim Kardashian talks about her family members and their best and worst qualities in her new cover shoot for Vogue India.

Emily Treadgold

Kim Kardashian looks stunning on her 7th Vogue cover for Vogue India. She shared two different versions of the cover. In one she wears a satin Philipp Plein dress with a plunging neckline against a backdrop of roses, in the second she wears a bright red tulle dress by Jean Paul Gaultier. She also opens up about her family life. 

Maybe Kourtneys stubbornness. And Khlos getting too sensitive. I would take away Kendalls anxiety, Kylies I dont care, I know what Im doing thing and probably my brothers moodiness.

Kim Kardashian
Vogue India

She describes her family as having positives and negatives. Saying she admired, "My brothers sense of humour. Kendalls sweetness. Khlos I-dontgive-a-f attitude. Kourtneys savviness around finances.