Kim Kardashian lashes out at Internet troll, and it's kind of awesome

If you don't want to see photos of Kim Kardashian, her kids, and her clothes she wants you to know you can unfollow her anytime.

Emily Treadgold

If you follow Kim Kardashian, you're pretty familiar with her content. You have selfies, Yeezy fashion, sometimes ads, but you kind of know what you're getting into when you follow Kim Kardashian. One commenter said, "Kim....please step up your Instagram game. No more filter. It's 2018."

For the record my engagement is up. I post what I want, what makes me happy & what inspires me so if u arent content w the pics of my kids, the photo shoots in motels & make up looks then unfollow me or maybe I should unfollow u because the negativity in my timeline is draining.

Kim clapped back with the perfect comment, saying the fan is welcome to unfollow her at any time because her social media engagement is up and she posts pictures that make her happy.