Kim Kardashian deletes Christmas photos

Only the Kardashians could turn a regular Christmas into the most confusing Christmas countdown of all time. Kim deleted the Christmas cards from her Instagram.

Emily Treadgold

The Kardashians did a HUGE rollout of their Christmas card this year, Kim was posting one shot every day counting down to Christmas. It was highly rumored that on Christmas day we'd finally see a pregnant Kylie Jenner, and we could stop speculating, but when the day came, we just got another image of everyone except Kylie in their white shirts and jeans. 

Was always the plan. I archieved them so my instagram feed vibe is back.

Kim Kardashian

So the Kardashians got us, we were tricked. However, now Kim has taken down ALL of the Christmas card images from Instagram. Kim says that was always the plan. She had to get back to the original -vibe- of her Instagram feed. It's all about the look of the grid! You can still see the photos on Kris's feed.

DAY 25 Merry Christmas!!

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