Whoops! Kim Kardashian forgot to tell Scott Disick she was having another baby

It seems that everyone knew Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were expecting a third child, except for one person: Scott Disick.

Brittany King

Kim Kardashian may be the queen of oversharing, but she accidentally forgot to tell one family member about her big baby news. In a sneak peek at Sunday's all-new episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the reality star hilariously finds out she didn't tell Scott Disick about her third baby.

Scott, we're having a baby in like a couple of months. I'm dead serious. I swear.

The clip begins with Kim standing in her new nursery with Kourtney's ex. "I'll be quite honest: I don't even know what this room is," Disick tells her.


"Nursery," she answers. "So like the little open tub, crib"


"For another baby?" he asks confused. "Maybe," Kim says.


"Do you really think you need to worry about redoing these cabinets if this is going to be a nursery for a kid that you don't even have?" the father of three says before asking, "Are you pregnant?" 


"Is this a joke?" she asks. "Do you not know we're having another baby?"


"Not really," he responds.


"Scott, we're having a baby in like a couple of months. I'm dead serious. I swear," Kim says.  


"But you're not carrying it?" Disick, still very confused, asks.


"No I'm not. We went the surrogacy route," she tells him. "I never had this conversation with you? I swear I'm not joking with you. Scott, I swear I'm not joking with you."


"I don't know what's going on anymore," he says. Poor Scott, always out of the loop.