Alex Rodriguez tries to teach the Kardashians how to play softball against Jackson 5 family

The Kardashians enlist superstar baseball player A-Rod to help them beat Tito Jackson's family in a charity baseball game.

Emily Treadgold

Everyone knows Alex Rodriguez is the man when it comes to baseball, and it looks like he was helping the Kardashian-Jenners train for a baseball game. He documented their training on social media. The team was dubbed the "Calabasas Peaches" and looked legit in black, white, and purple uniforms. 


Out for blood and on a quest to reign supreme on this field and bring the prize money home for their charity.


They were teaming up against Tito Jackson's family. A-Rod looked like he was teaching matriarch Kris Jenner how to use a bat while Kim studied the technique. The game was all for charity, but that doesn't mean there wasn't a lot of competition.


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