Khloe Kardashian snaps back at haters

Khloe Kardashian just announced that she was pregnant last week but is now facing backlash for her choices and new role as mom-to-be.

Emily Treadgold

It can be easy to see why Khloe Kardashian kept her pregnancy a secret for so long, for someone like Khloe who is constantly in the public eye has to deal with a lot of comments on everything she's doing. People got upset that she was working out while she was pregnant and she ha no time for their comments.

For the ones who think they are physicians all of a sudden, but MY doctor and I communicate and my workouts are cleared and highly recommended. Thanks kiddos! Don't make me stop sharing s---.

Khloe Kardashian

Khloe is known for her workouts and her "Revenge Body" so it's only natural that she'd want to maintain a workout routine during her pregnancy. She clapped back at the haters saying she's spoken to her doctor and shared an article about the benefits of working out while you're expecting. Looks like she's well on her way to being a good mom.