Fans question Johnny Depp's health after alarming photos surface

Depp's gaunt, pale appearance in recent photos has put a scare into his stans; however, a source says the actor is fine.

Kahron Spearman

Recent photos of actor Johnny Depp has fans concerned about his physical condition.


In two recent photos reportedly shot in St. Petersburg, Russia, the Pirates of the Caribbean star is posing with fans before a show for his band, wearing a black FUGLY" cap and T-shirt that reads, “STAY HUMBLE OR BE HUMBLED.” 


However, it's his gaunt, pale appearance has put a scare into his stans. 


Alas, do not fear - a source says Depp is fine.

Johnny is healthy and is enjoying his time on the road with his band

The 54-year-old actor has worked through a tough couple years, including his public divorce from actress Amber Heard finalized in January 2017.


Additionally, documents obtained by Entertainment Tonight show that Depp faces a lawsuit filed by two former bodyguards, who are suing him for among numerous allegations, including unpaid wages, wrongful termination and unlawful business practices. 

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