Jennifer Lopez hosts Diamonds and Nachos Party

Jennifer Lopez has the Kardashians over for a not-so-casual taco night at her mansion. Both celebs are decked in furs and diamonds for the get-together.

Emily Treadgold

Jennifer Lopez hosted a celebrity-studdedtaco night at her mansion that she shares with Alex Rodriguez. They had a spread of assorted taco fillings, salsas, corn, queso, guacamole. Kim Kardashian attended the party and wore a black crop with a pink fur coat and her blond chopped hair.

Who else would host a Taco Wednesday in this outfit?

Kim Kardashian

Jennifer Lopez wore a sparkling jumpsuit with diamond rings. Only JLo could wear a full sparkling jumpsuit and be dripping with diamonds at a taco night. It's a miracle all these glamorous celebrities never spill anything. The Kardashian crew seemed to have a blast sharing the videos on social.

Taco Wednesdays at JLO's #kimksrdashian

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