Heather Locklear arrested for domestic violence on a cop

Heather Locklear was arrested this Sunday for a dispute with her boyfriend that turned physically violent and then assaulted the cop.

Emily Treadgold

Heather Locklear was arrested for felony domestic violence and battery on a cop. The police responded to a report of domestic violence at a home in Thousand Oaks, CA. While she was being arrested, she became aggressive and physically attacked the cop which means she was also charged with three counts of misdemeanor battery on an officer.

Law enforcement sources tell us when cops tried putting Heather in custody she became combative, flailing, kicking and struck 3 deputies. Heather was cuffed and taken to the hospital for evaluation.

According to TMZ Heather's brother came home and saw her and her boyfriend fighting and called 911 he had visible injuries. She's had problems in the past with substance abuse and domestic violence.