Frankie Muniz doesn't remember starring on Malcolm in the Middle.

After suffering a serious crash during his tenure as a professional racecar driver, Frankie Muniz suffered multiple concussions that have erased his memory.

Emily Treadgold

Frankie Muniz was a household name during his time on the popular sitcom Malcolm in the Middle, but the actor sadly doesn't remember most of it.

Muniz revealed that hes suffered nine concussions and several mini-strokes, or transient ischemic attacks. He suffered a serious car crash in 2009 while competing as a professional race car driver.

“Over the past 10 years, my mom will bring up things like trips we went on or big events and they are new stories to me. I dont know what the cause of it is. Its not something I looked into, I just thought it was how my brain is so I thought it was normal. I didnt know I should remember going to the Emmys when I was younger.

The show also talked to Bryan Cranston, his former TV dad, who bragged on Muniz's life experiences. He said, "Frankie was a TV star, then he became a race car driver, and a drummer in a rock band. I said to him once, What are you going to be, an astronaut next? You are doing all the things professionally that everybody dreams about."