Drew Barrymore's ex-husband caught her using a dating app

Drew Barrymore tried her hand at online dating but it didn't work out like she hoped, and her ex-husband found her profile.

Emily Treadgold

Drew Barrymore is living up to all her romantic comedy characters as she panics about dating. Drew went on the show to say she's always dreamed of having a blind date, which would be a nightmare for most people, and she heard good things about the dating app Raya. However, she had no luck on the app.

Then one night, I'm flying home by myself and I'm like, 'Screw it! I'm going to fulfill my fantasy and go on a dating app! Do a blind date, but not really.' So, I went on it and no one responded.

Drew Barrymore

She said one guy told her he had a window of 7-8 but had plans after and she said she was available every day. Her ex-husband even asked her about it later, and she thought she had deleted the app, but she was still on it. 

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