5 reasons why Dax Shepard is the greatest Hollywood dad

Dax Shepard is the best dad. He shares a sweet Instagram post about playing dress up with his daughters and plays yacht rock while they're getting ready in the morning.

Emily Treadgold

Here's why we love Dax Shepard. 


1. He's not afraid to wear the tiara: Shepard shared a photo of himself wearing a tiara and snuggling two stuffed animals, looking very unhappy. He captioned the photo "In this scenario I'm 'Little Sister,' and my 3 year old daughter was 'Big Brother' My 5 year old was 'Mommy,' and damn was she strict :)"


2. He's not afraid to change diapers: In an interview with NBC Shepard talked about his first daughter Lincoln and bragged about changing diapers, saying, "I was older when my little sister was born, so I had done this before. I had changed a couple thousand diapers already a couple million times, so I wasn't too afraid of [fatherhood], and it's been nothing but wonderful."

3. He teaches them about the glory of yacht rock: In an interview with The Today Show, Shepard said in the morning he gets his kids ready and they like to listen to music and says their music taste is pretty great.


"So, while were eating breakfast, well often listen to yacht rock, but when we get in the car, we usually then switch over to hits," the actor revealed. "We kind of get everyone fired up for the big day at pre-school. They love Katy Perry; they love Sia. Well, they love Hall and Oates, by the way, which is pretty elevated of them, I think. Theyve got eclectic taste. What we wont settle for is those songs made for children. We decided early on, were not going to torture ourselves like that. So theyre not even aware of that kid music, which I recommend to new parents. Dont even let them know about it."

Its like hes just made a new best friend. He talks to her all the time and sings to her all day. Its wonderful.

4. He helps with nursing: His wife Kristen Bell talked about suffering from mastitis on her web series Momsplaining, but revealed that Shepard helped "nurse" from her breast when they couldn't get a doctor.


"We could talk about it, we could be weird about it, or you could just go ahead and nurse," Bell explained. "He pulled it out. He had a cup next to him. He was pulling out and spitting into this cup, and I've never been more in love in my life."


5. He knows how to tag team parenting duties: Bell once told People magazine about how they switch kids. She said, "We switch kids all the time. [If] I'm talking to the [two-year-old] and I'm done, I'll just be like, 'We've got to switch. I don't want to talk to this kid anymore.' "