Awkward! Darren Criss faked a British accent for 4 years all for a girl

Darren Criss got caught up in an elaborate lie that he was British that lasted way too long, all to get on the floor of a concert.

Emily Treadgold

Darren Criss really went the extra mile, he once told a girl that he was from London and had to keep the lie going for 4 years. When he was 16, he went to a concert and him and his friends wanted to get on the floor despite having balcony tickets. He and his friends started faking a British accent, and the woman allowed them on the floor for their last big night on the town.

I had to sustain this absurd lie for like four years, like a total idiot. I had committed to it because I had already gone too far down the rabbit hole.

Turns out, the woman lived near him and he to continued the charade for years, he eventually told her the truth when he saw her on the bus, and she wasn't even mad about it.