How Cardi B hid her pregnancy in all the best ways

Rapper Cardi B surprised everyone when she announced her pregnancy in the most epic of fashions — during her performance on "Saturday Night Live."

Emily Treadgold

Cardi B once told her fans to let her "fat in peace" when they started questioning whether or not she was pregnant. Meanwhile all along she was very creative with how she hid her bump from the public. 



Unlike Kylie Jenner, who avoided the public eye almost her entire pregnancy, Cardi B didn't have the same luxury. The rapper still performed and went to music events; she just had to change her style up a little. 

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The primary way the 25-year-old was able to get away with the pregnancy was her interesting choice of outfits. Cardi B's looks have always been a little more out-there, and recently she opted for outfits that flare out dramatically over her stomach. 


She's also made a point to pose strategically in photos, putting her legs over her stomach and being photographed from her chest-up.

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Cardi B denied her pregnancy until the right moment. Right after her highly-anticipated album Invasion of Privacy dropped on Friday she used her Saturday performance on Saturday Night Live to announce the news. She had the camera start with a close-up of her face and then had the shot pan out to reveal that she was in fact pregnant and the audience loved it!


It's the kind of move only Cardi B could master.