Rob Lowe slams Bella Thorne over tone-deaf tweet after deadly Santa Barbara mudslides: 'this is why people hate celebrities'

Bella Thorne is upset that the massive mudslides in California made her miss her boyfriend's concert, Rob Lowe takes her down.

Emily Treadgold

Belle Thorne was heading to her boyfriends concerts when she was caught in traffic. She tweeted, "F--k u 101 to Santa Barbra. Im missing my boyfriends first date on his tour :(((" The highway was closed due to the mudslides in California that have killed 17 people. She later took the tweet down and said, "F--k just caught up on some news had no idea why the 101 was shut down...get home to your family safe."

This attitude is why people hate celebrities/Hollywood. Bella, Im sorry you were inconvenienced. We will try to move out our dead quicker.

Rob Lowe

But Rob Lowe had already taken a screengrab of her previous tweet and posted it on Instagram. He then said that her attitude is why people hate celebrities and added, "We will try to move out our dead quicker." Emergency responders are still trying to rescue people that are missing. 


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