Bam Margera arrested for DUI: Report

Brandon Cole 'Bam' Margera was arrested Sunday for a DUI, according to multiple reports.

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Former Jackass star Bam Margera was reportedly arrested Sunday in Los Angeles, Cali., for driving under the influence, according to TMZ. The 38-year-old reality star who has openly discussed his struggle with alcoholism was taken into custody by the California Highway Patrol after he slowed his vehicle down to talk with officers who had another car pulled over.

At its worst, I would probably just wake up around 11 AM and instantly start drinking vodka and purple Gatorade; by the end of the night, I would probably have ten pints worth of it. It was pretty bad. It was weird, because there would be times where I would go on a three-day bender of drinking and then five days of not drinking. When that five days ended, I would go on a two-day bender.

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The CHP detected a strong odor of alcohol and administered a field sobriety test on Margera where they determined he had alcohol in his system. The Viva La Bam stars bail was set at $15,000 he was later released after 2:30 p.m. Margera is required to appear in court on Tuesday, February 1.

Margeras former Jackass costar, Ryan Dunn, died in 2011 after drunk driving.

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