Did Tracy McGrady deserve HOF?

Graphicle: Some say the oft-criticized Tracy McGrady has been vindicated by his selection to the NBA Hall of Fame, despite his lack of championships.


The case could be made for Tracy McGrady, that for a span of time, he and future Hall-of-famer Kobe Bryant were playing on the same level.

Now, Tracy McGrady will be rightfully be inducted into the Hall of Fame. T Mac will be officially recognized during the September 8th ceremony.

Tracy McGrady

HOU #1 6′ 8″, 225 lbs

The only knock on McGrady's career was he never managed to guide a team past the first round of the playoffs until he joined the 2013 Spurs team (who went on to lose the NBA Finals against the Miami Heat).

I didn't have a championship. I didn't have much playoff success, but this is my championship and it'll be forever.

Tracy McGrady
to Mark Berman, Fox 26

Although McGrady never won a title, he certainly had an illustrious career. He led the league in scoring back to back seasons in 2002-2003 and 2003-2004. McGrady came into the NBA straight out of high school in 1997 and went on to make seven straight All Star appearances from 2000-2007. Every basketball fan will also remember arguably the greatest scoring performance was 13 points McGrady scored in the final 35 seconds to earn a win against the San Antonio Spurs.

Now that his legacy is cemented in the Hall of Fame, the argument can be made that in his prime and when healthy, Tracy McGrady was one of the greatest players of all time.