Supreme teams up with Nike on NBA jerseys.

NBA fans are hype as streetwear giant, Supreme, is teaming up with Nike to out a new line of 3 NBA jerseys and a shooting sleeve.

Thomas Miller

Twitter users @DropsbyJay and @py_rates sent the internet into a frenzy after announcing that Supreme will be working with Nike to drop an exclusive trio of NBA jerseys. Although there has been no announced release date, the shoes will presumably drop alongside the Air Force 1 Mids collection. It has been reported that the colorways of the jerseys will match that of the Air Force 1 Mids collection.

A Full Collab Including 3 Jerseys Which Im Assuming Will Drop Along Side The Shooting Sleeve

Supreme Insider

Many experts in the sneaker industry are predicting the shoe to drop in the month of January, and the price is a reported $325. The hype is already being built around the jerseys as it will be the first Nike collab on an NBA jersey. Nike took over manufacturing this off-season, and although players were excited about the design, multiple wardrobe malfunctions have occurred due to ripped jerseys.