NBA considers changing playoffs to 1-16 seeding.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver acknowledges that the NBA will 'continue to look' at the possibility of seeding teams 1-16 for the playoffs.

Mason Wright

In an interview prior to the Timberwolves-Warriors preseason match up in Shanghai, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver once again alluded to the possibility of the NBA adopting a 1-16 seeding playoff system. This restructuring would effectively replace conference championships and take the 16 best teams across the board.

The biggest hurdle in introducing the new playoff seeding system is making sure teams maintain a 'balanced schedule' which the NBA currently does not. As of now teams in the West play each other more than Eastern Conference teams, and vice versa which needs to be addressed. Rescheduling a balanced schedule will be a must in order to keep the league competitive but fair.

"Reformatting the playoffs is something we'll continue to look at...It's not a change you're going to see in the short term, but I think when we step back and look holistically at our schedule and how playoffs are seeded we should look at the entire format. Counter-balancing seeding playoff teams 1-16 is also the desire to create more rest for our players and when possible reduce the amount of travel."

Stephen Curry gave his thoughts on the possibility earlier this week, saying that he'd enjoy playing in a postseason that included the 16 best teams in the league. With a consistently stacked Western Conference it would be interesting to see the change in seeding would effect team's road to the the championship.