Villanova students rage out after NCAA Championship win: set fires, climb street poles

While the celebration around the Villanova campus was largely tame by most standards, a banner mocking Flint, Michigan's ongoing water issues is out of bounds.

Kahron Spearman

According to a report and an accompanying video from TMZ Sports, the celebrating students at Villanova lit up several bonfires and shot fireworks close to campus on Monday night following the Wildcats' national championship victory over Michigan. 

There were some that climbed light poles, though as ESPN reported, the Radnor Township Police Dept. greased poles as a deterrent.

Fortunately, there's no news of violent acts or student-versus-police antagonism.

This is referring to the water crisis in Flint, Michigan that is still affecting the citizens in a rather poor area of the country that lacks the proper funding for a commodity most of us take for granted. Laughing in their faces over a sporting event is classless.

One incredibly disturbing bit from the celebrations, per Barstool Sports' Villanova outlet, is a spray-painted banner that went up on an unnamed building with the message:

"The only lead @mich will have is in their water."

Even with the understanding that these are college kids, making light of the widely-reported (and ongoing) water situation in Flint, Michigan is nothing short of contemptible.