The top men's basketball players to come out of the University of North Carolina

Here are the best players to have ever played at North Carolina — not necessarily the best careers at Chapel Hill.

Kahron Spearman

Michael Jordan

Of course, what else can be said?


A six-time NBA champion, six-time NBA Finals MVP, five-time league MVP, 14-time All-Star, made the game-winner of the 1982 national championship, two-time All-American, member of original Dream Team in 1992. 


Arguably the greatest player in the history of basketball.


The joke was that Dean Smith was the only person that could hold Michael Jordan under 20 points. (However, as a Sophomore, he averaged exactly 20 points a game for the season, and he came close in averaging 19.6 as a Junior.) But he was one of the most explosive players in college basketball history, with only Maryland's Len Bias a close rival during Jordan's time.

Michael came, I remember camp started on Sunday, and I was running Carmichael Gym. [It was] just free play. Kids could stay for 20 minutes and then they would rotate back to Granville Towers [dorms] and another group would come in. I was so impressed by Michael in the first 20 minutes that I said why dont you just stay and go back with the next group. And so he played another 20 minutes, and I was even more impressed with him. So he went back with that group and the counselor, and then 45 minutes he came back with another group. And it was almost a mile walk between Granville Towers and Carmichael so I said why dont you just stay here and Ill give you a ride back to Granville. So he rode back to Granville with me in the car. I remember it was an unusual thing. [Fellow assistant coach] Eddie Fogler said did you see any good players? And I said Eddie I think I just saw the best 6-foot 4-inch high school player Ive ever seen. That was Michael Jordan.

Vince Carter


He's definitely the most electric athlete/dunker to have come to Carolina, even ahead of Michael Jordan. Has one of the best college highlight reels ever.


Antawn Jamison was actually picked ahead of Carter, and had a better college career at UNC. He also had a respectable NBA career; however, it pales in comparison to Carter's.


The future Hall of Famer - still effective at 41 years old - is an eight-time NBA All-Star, one of six players in NBA history to average at least 20 points, four rebounds and three assists per game in 10 straight seasons. 


He was the 2000 Slam Dunk Champion and was on the 2000 Olympic team in Sydney, where he dunked on/over 7-foot-2-inch French center Frdric Weis - called "le dunk de la mort" ("the Dunk of Death.")

Bob McAdoo


He's basically Kevin Durant before Kevin Durant; super skilled and durable offensive talent at six-foot-nine.


He only played a single season, after playing junior college ball at what now Vincennes University. But he was a dominant player in that season, and more skilled than 99.9% of the players to have come through Chapel Hill. He was a first-team All-American and went to the Final Four in 1972.


Five-time NBA All-Star, NBA MVP in 1975 with the Buffalo Braves (now the LA Clippers), two NBA championships with the Los Angeles Lakers during their Showtime era in the 1980s.


He had an intriguing pro career - 14 years in the NBA and seven seasons in the Lega Basket Serie A (Italy) teams Olimpia Milano, Tracer Milano, and Teamsystem Fabriano. 


The Hall of Famer is one of the few players to have won both NBA and the FIBA European Champions Cup (EuroLeague - two times) titles as a player.