Purdue star Isaac Haas knowingly infected woman with STD: he's being sued for $1M

In burning hot news, the Purdue senior is being accused of having lied to a sexual partner about having chlamydia. The suit, filed by Purdue student Alyssa Chambers, also names the University.

Kahron Spearman

A civil suit alleges former Purdue University basketball star Isaac Haas infected a former partner with herpes, and the woman says she wasn't the only one given the STD, according to Deadspin. 


On Tuesday, Purdue student Alyssa Chambers filed a $1 million civil lawsuit in Tippecanoe Circuit Court accusing Haas of lying about having a sexually transmitted disease and infecting her.


Haas, a center, scored 14.7 points and 5.7 rebounds per game as a senior during the 2017-18 season. He suffered a broken elbow in the late-season win over Cal State Fullerton.

I caught wind of Isaac getting his papers and that my name was mentioned via one of the coaches. I don't want any part of this, nor can I. With nursing school, my godmom having cancer and my dad being deployed, I ask that if it's possible, please do not call me in to testify.... A lot of stuff you heard from me wasn't true because I was mad at Isaac, and I was trying to intentionally (mess) with you.

Madison Millsaps
Defendant in lawsuit

Chambers and Haas engaged in intercourse on May 15, 2017, per to "a notice of civil tort filed with the lawsuit," according to the Lafayette, IN paper. Chambers was discovered to be infected with herpes two weeks later. The suit names both Purdue University and Madison Millsaps as additional defendants in the case.


Per screenshots of texts, Chambers was also allegedly contacted by a former girlfriend of Haas, who claimed the athlete was untruthful and that he'd never tested for or been diagnosed with chlamydia which Haas allegedly told Chambers he'd done. The ex allegedly claims a doctor gave Haas medication for his symptoms.