John Wall responds to teammate Marcin Gortat's Twitter dig

Gortat's comments about "team" basketball clearly rankled the All-Star point guard, but provide a view into the inner dynamics of the Wizards locker room.

Kahron Spearman

It's not often a meme becomes even more real, but John Wall hit the airwaves with the "I just think it's funny...." on two shows on Tuesday.

Injured Washington Wizards point guard says it was "shocking" to hear teammates say the teams plays better offensively without him, on ESPN's 'The Jump.'

Currently on a five-game win streak - all with Wall being out - has led to some whispers out loud that the Wizards are better without him.

Wall recently had knee surgery and is expected to miss six to eight weeks. 

Marcin Gortat's tweet after a Feb. 1 win over the Toronto Raptors, reading "Great 'team' victory" evidently annoyed Wall, who appeared on 'SC6' with Michael Smith.

It was more just shock to hear it from him, understanding he gets the most assists from me and the most spoon-fed baskets ever.

John Wall
Guard, Washington Wizards

"He felt it was a different way and he came back with that kind of comment," Gortat said after Tuesday's 115-102 loss to the Philadelphia 76ers (h/t ESPN.) "So, now we got to ask each other questions who's attacking who?"

The Wizards center said he actually thought he had already cleared the air with the point guard.

"I talked to him a few days ago. I thought we verified that," Gortat continued. "I told him that it was nothing personal and I definitely didn't think about him when I was writing that. [We] never thought about attacking him, and I thought we had this verified."

The use of "we" makes what Gortat says somewhat unreliable. Who's making a comment on Gortat's Twitter along with Gortat?

In either case, he may not be with the team long, as he'd been placed on the trading block.