Steve Kerr 'embarrassed' over Golden State Warriors' 20-point loss to Pacers

With the 20-point blowout win over the Warriors, the Indiana Pacers became the first team to sweep a Steve Kerr-led club during the regular season since he came coach.

Kahron Spearman

Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr isn't happy with his team's latest effort or lack thereof.


The 52-year-old went off in the locker room postgame, after a nasty 126-106 loss to the Indiana Pacers on Thursday night, openly questioning his club's energy.


"Caring, in general, was the main problem," he said, per ESPN.


When ssked what he would've wanted to see, Kerr replied, "Just trying, cutting hard, driving, maybe boxing out once in a while. Just in general, it's hard to win an NBA game if you don't put forth an effort at all."

Curiously enough, Kevin Durant, who scored a team-high 27 points for the Warriors, disagreed with Kerr.


"Nah, I thought we cared tonight," he said. "We cared. Over the last few games, we cared. ...They came out with a better strategy, being more aggressive than us. ... I think we care. I think everybody in this locker room cares about playing ball. I disagree with that, but I understand what he's doing."

Yeah, I'm embarrassed. I'm embarrassed. I know this game doesn't mean anything in the seeding, but the playoffs start next week. It was an embarrassing effort. A pathetic effort.

"He's the head coach, and he has the right to [call us out]," Warriors backup point guard Shaun Livingston said. "He sat there the whole game and watched what was right in front of him. We've got to be better. Tonight, we were off, but we can't be off as far as our effort, our intensity because that's what we're playing for when we're in the playoffs. They were playing playoff basketball tonight; we weren't."


The Pacers became the first team to sweep a Kerr-led club during the regular season since he came coach.