Tyson Chandler dunks game-winner, exploits rule

The Phoenix Suns center shows he still has the quick bounce, sending home an out-of-bounds pass from Dragan Bender with 0.6 seconds left.

Kahron Spearman

Tyson Chandler sent home a signature rim-shaking dunk from a Dragan Bender out-of-bounds alley-oop with 0.4 seconds, to give the Phoenix Suns a 99-97 win over the Memphis Grizzlies. 

There was some confusion because Chandler had unquestionably caught the ball over the rim.

The official review only confirmed the dunk was completed in time, not to decide whether goaltending had occurred - there's no goaltending rule in that situation.

My job was to punch it in. It was close. It might have hit the back rim, but I caught it over the cylinder because I knew there was no goaltending.

Tyson Chandler
Center, Phoenix Suns

"I was trying to create a play where you could score with like three-tenths of a second or something, and I thought tonight was a good time to do it," Suns interim coach Jay Triano said to reporters after the game (h/t ESPN). "I put it on about two or three days after I took over the job here, and it's a rule that a lot of people don't know. You cannot goaltend a ball that isn't going to count, so I told our guys, 'Shoot the ball in the basket, and all Tyson has to do is touch it on the way down or grab the rim and have it hit your knuckle on the way in.'